The army chief may go

January 24 2012

After having the egg on its face on the army chief’s age fiasco, the Central government wants to watch every step it takes. This is the first case in India and even in the world where a ruling army chief has taken its own defence ministry of the government to court. The Congress Core Committee’s meeting seriously discussed the matter about the army chief’s date of birth. Reliable sources have revealed that the government has almost decided that the respected President will ask the army chief to go. In any case, army chief’s working tenure is over by two years and while no army chief’s tenure is pre-decided, it is decided by the country’s president (who is the chief of all three armed forces) on how long she wants the army chief to stay on in the office. Usually, the trend is to ask him to stay on after the retirement age is achieved. But in special circumstances, the president can use her power and sanction his farewell. It is believed that the UPA government and the President have already had a talk about it, and there is merely the wait for the court’s decision standing in the way.

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