Jaipal’s coronation

September 19 2012

There is a lot of pressure from Ambani senior to remove Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy. Seeing this, Sonia Gandhi has wondering if it would be a good idea to take Jaipal away from the Central government and give him the charge of Andhra Pradesh. Especially at a time such as now, when Jagan Mohan Reddy, whose regional party would give fresh trouble to the Congress in the state everyday, has decided to form an alliance with the party. In such a situation, Kiran Reddy may be given a post in the Central ministry. It is also being said that the stage is set to induct Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan in Manmohan’s government. It is believed that he may be replaced by Narayan Rane for the chief minister’s post in Maharashtra. S M Krishna may also be made the head of Karnataka.

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