….Zamana to hai naukar bibi ka

April 23 2011

Delhi BJP is a little worked up with its party president’s big mouth. The silly saffron party doesn’t realize that it is through his oratory that Bijendra Gupta has reached the Delhi politics from neighbourhood politics. Since the poor man has lost the Majnu ka teela elections, no political person is ready to come close to him. It is worth seeing him and his wife Shobha Vijendra in the Delhi BJP party. Those against him in the party say that nowadays, more than the party, Gupta is concentrating on his wife’s NGO Sampoorna. A few days ago, National Mahila Morcha President Smriti Irani met Nitin Gadkari and complained a lot about Gupta saying that the person has become the party in Delhi and that she is being constantly ignored here. Smriti considers it an affront to her and openly believes that Delhi BJP is working on the orders of Shobha Vijendra. Wonder what the party president must have said to pacify her.

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