Too much to handle

November 14 2009

Congress knows that in Karnataka the field is still wide open for it and that the Reddy brothers who had sounded the bugle of rebellion against saffron Chief Minister Yeddyurappa were Congressmen at heart. So Ahmed Patel had called Jagan and handed him the reins of Operation Karnataka. Patel’s game plan is clear that Jagan should somehow split the Karnataka BJP through the middle and it is also not hidden from anyone that Jagan’s father Rajshekhar Reddy had played the most crucial role the establishment of the business empire of the Reddy brothers. He not only allowed the mining business of the Reddy brothers to thrive in the no man’s land between Andhra and Karnataka, but when need arose he also gave on lease hundreds of acres of land in Andhra for mining. And for this, he also got approved loans worth nearly 1,000 crore approved for the Reddy brothers from the banks. Jagan, who had paid merely Rs 2 lakh in tax last year, has this year joined the list of the top tax payers. In the matter of advance tax too Jagan has left everyone behind. So in a mere one year, where did the wealth worth Rs 78,000 crore come from. Perhaps this is something which Madam Gandhi is finding hard to chew. Or else what could have been the reason behind her putting political obstacles in the way of a 36-year-old becoming the Chief Minister?

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