Why is Jagan miffed with the BJP?

May 23 2011

They think human silence is but a book and have read it only as a obituary, but it is an impotent desire hidden under a snake’s skin, and the moment the crown merges, the poison will spread here, there and everywhere. This gentleman fixes big deals for a prominent person in the BJP, belongs to Mumbai, shows his craft in Delhi and is attached to the entire nation. He is the dispeller of worries and there is none better than him when it comes to problem solving. One day he sent straight to Jagan Mohan Reddy and convinced him that he can relieve him (Jagan) of all the cases against him, especially the ones involving income tax. Jagan said, “Go and get some proof of my cases.” In reply, our man got the entire file. Jagan handed over the files to his lawyers, and they told him that the entire file is a fake, so much so that the letterheads of departments are fake, too. So now, Jagan who was once all soft on the BJP now bristles every time the party is mentioned.

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