What is cooking between Chidambaram and the BJP?

May 23 2011

Politicians nowadays walk all around, fly when they want to and then they come down crashing. Only then do they realize that their race has long ended. P Chidambaram is also running frantically, such big mistakes with the list of terrorist fugitives in Pakistan, and still no one can harm him. So much so that the main Opposition party, the BJP, is also taking the matter pretty lightly. Chidambaram has recently done the BJP a favour – he has been instrumental in saving the Karnataka government from falling. So he had a meeting with a prominent BJP leader and it was decided that they will not keep raising the demand of changing the governor. (It is believed that it was on the behest of Chidambaram that Bhardwaj asked for President’s rule in the state). Chidambaram also wants that in the light of Supreme Court decision, the BJP should change its speaker in the state so that the Congress doesn’t have to lost face. He has also struck a deal with the BJP that the party will not kick up a ruckus about 2G.

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