Chidambaram’s woes

April 03 2011

Chidambaram is extremely upset with the PMO’s initiative towards Pakistan. So, instead of being in Mohali on Wednesday, he went to Chennai, citing elections. Pranab Mukherjee is also said to be unhappy about it and he, too, took a flight to Guwahati. And because Geelani’s entourage also included the country’s home minister, protocol demanded that Chidambaram too be there. But PC wanted to make his annoyance public and went to Chennai. The group of politicians who had come with Geelani were from different parties. Contrary to PC, the PM’s advice was, “Ours is a large country, so we should forget the petty differences and show large heartedness by meeting our neighbours.” The foreign ministry was kept in the dark about this, Geelani’s invitation had also been extended from the PMO and S M Krishna not liking it was justified. But Manmohan couldn’t care less since he has memories of Pakistan. He was also happy that Geelani had got with him only politicians and no bureaucrats. So there was no one to keep a record of the conversations and take notes. Geelani, too, spoke to his heart’s content and Manmohan Singh already has an open heart.

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