Free for now and how

December 10 2009

Ankur Chawla, who has become the target of CBI and now IB questioning, had earlier slipped away to Singapore. But his influential editor father played such a political game and through the senior Ambani managed an influential person occupying a high post in such a way that Ankur became confident that for the time being he would not be arrested in this corruption case. But for how long can the family rest assured? And now Ankur is in denial mode and insisting that there is no concrete proof that he had paid company secretary Banthia. CBI has already trapped the company secretary of a leading Hindi newspaper group of Uttar Pradesh whose written documents are available that he had paid Rs 10 lakhs to the accountant for payment in this case. After CBI, the officials of IB are also registering Chawla’s statement and from the changed circumstances there are indications that several big fish can land in the net in this case.

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