Chaddha’s increasing clout

February 20 2012

When the Income Tax department raided 17 places belonging to popular industrialist and alcohol baron Ponty Chaddha last fortnight, the noise about it also reverberated the ruling party’s hidden hand in it. And questions are constantly echoing in political corridors that why did Ponty go to meet Pranab Mukherji and Amita Paul right before the raids? Although there has not been any official consent of these meetings, sources reveal that Ponty was successful in meeting the finance minister. And there was a lot of talk about how the raids at Ponty’s places revealed that he had Rs 250 crore in cash, but on the lines of much ado about nothing, only Rs 100 was showed to have been recovered from Ponty’s locker in Noida’s Centre Stage Mall. Thus, in government records, only two currency notes of Rs 50 denominations were found. The entire episode is shocking and begs for answers, too. S S Rana, the official under whom the CBDT had organised the entire plan was hurriedly transferred. The Central government hopes that this alone will quieten down the matter. But looks like the government is oblivious to the fact that it will have to answer several unanswered questions from the public.

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