A new way of acclaiming scams

August 28 2011

Life’s tales have several mentions of cruel coincident, too. For instance, this Friday when the Congress yuvraj got up to talk about corruption armed with all the right expressions and frowns, he didn’t know what time and future had in store. The $2 billion Mirage deal could become a sore point for the Congress in the days to come. There have been some evidence that middlemen had a big role to play in the deal and it is speculated that as kick-back, an amount of Rs 300 crore that has allegedly been deposited in a company account in Singapore (the company is registered in Switzerland and works out of Singapore) is owned by a man who has connections with India’s most powerful political family. The talk related to scams of the company are being heard within and outside the Parliament and maybe that is why the person prefers to stay in London instead of India nowadays. The same person is being held accountable for a deal concerning night vision devices with an Israeli company. So, if there’s talk, there’s bound to be some more….

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