Anything to feel better

January 15 2013

The BJP government may have fallen in Jharkhand, but there is a big section of BJP leaders whose confidence has received a boost after the Munda government fell. Munda, too, is citing some Central leaders as the reason behind his government falling. And the needle is pointing at Yashwant Sinha, because he is still harbouring hopes of becoming the state’s chief minister. And it is pointing at Nishikant Dubey, who has the support and blessings of a leader at the Centre. Of the three-agenda list Hemant Soren had presented in front of Arjun Munda, the number two demand was that Nishikant Dubey, that is Guruji, should apologise to Shibu Soren about the wrongful words he had uttered against Guruji. Nishikant and Munda were at loggerheads anyways regarding the lobbying of some industrial houses and Dubey wanted to settle scores with Munda. The battle was such that the party didn’t matter at all.

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