New friendship forged in Gandhi family

March 08 2011

There is a possibility of relationships between the Gandhi family getting better. Forgetting the past bitterness, the new generation of Nehru-Gandhi family is all set to find new ties with their kith and kin. The initiative was taken by Varun Gandhi, when he went to Sonia Gandhi to invite her for his wedding. Once the ice was broken, both of them talked for hours. Pine nuts, his favorite coffee, Sonia pampered him every way she could. She then invited Varun for dinner along with his wife. Then when Varun’s nani died before the wedding, Rahul called to offer condolences and once they got talking there was no stopping them. It reminded them of their days in London when they were studying together. Rahul has sustained a hairline fracture while jogging in Kerala and couldn’t attend the wedding even when he wanted to. Priyanka was also keen to attend the wedding with her family but came down with viral at the last moment. But she is organizing a dinner for the newlyweds at her farm house. The wedding reception was supposed to be held at the Ashok on March 8, but has been cancelled due to Varun’s nani’s demise, or it was speculated that Sonia will attend the event. Looks like it is about both families bonding yet again but will two streams with opposite political philosophy see eye to eye?

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