The problem is Chidambaram is the home minister

October 06 2010

The waning moon is shining bright again/ Today it will be bright for a long time/… If everything burns to embers there will be ash. (Gulzar) Why do people play such games? Why do they stir public emotions? And make a warm meal for themselves on the heat of people’s pains and sorry state. The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad Court gave such a significant ruling and the common public took it in its stride and respected it. But Mulayam, Lalu, a judge Sachchar, a Congress-backed news channel and even the country’s home minister is raking it up in a bad light. Chidambaram says it is not a ruling and merely a “reference”. The Supreme Court will give a stay order after three months and the matter will go on in the court for years. Mr Minister, why will the court give a stay order, pray? Included in this ruling is today’s judge Sudhir Agarwal, who is a forward-looking modern man, whose rulings have never been reverted so far. Being a science student, his thinking is more logical and modern and even better English than Chidambaram. Justice Khan has also been a science student who has a lot of interest in history. He has written several books and even made a reference to Charles Darwin in his ruling. Justice Sharma’s personality is unique – he is a believer and a bachelor and more than anything else, a well-known philanthropist. Anonymously, he gives away almost all his income into social causes and prefers to speak in Hindi and is partial to those at the grassroots level. Several of his rulings have become milestones in the legal world. So Mr Minister, think before you speak and also consider the face that the position you are in is rife with enmity and prejudice. Your feelings should match the same.

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