Just another game

March 07 2010

Lalit Modi has learnt a lot of games while playing games. When he found the stranglehold of BCCI and other regulatory bodies over his dream project IPL, then he straight headed for US, where he wants to start a cricket league on the lines of IPL. The game plan is that in such a scenario there would be no control of a board over him. It is understood that this proposed league was vehemently opposed by BCCI secretary Srinivasan. Giving shape to his sharp planning, Modi placed the gun on the shoulder of Sharad Pawar’s son-in-law Sadanand Sule in the Goa meeting that was held to decide the broadcast right contract for IPL. In lieu of giving the 20-20 cricket telecast right of IPL, for the first time in the history of cricket Rs 400 crores were given
to a WSG Company in the name of service charge. And it is not hidden from anyone that this company belongs to Lalit Modi. So no matter where the ghee falls, it lands in the rice.

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