Too full of himself

February 19 2010

No matter what political colour is imparted to the rise of P.Chidambaram as Home Minister, but there are certain things PC is simply unable to hide. That he takes fancy to his own face and all beautiful faces is well known, so when it comes to being seen on the media, PC always wants to be seen in his best. It has always been the tradition of the Home Ministry that whenever an important announcement is to be made, the Home Secretary sits next to the Minister. But ever since PC has come, he has always kept his able Home Secretary G.K. Pillai away from the media. There should be no iota of doubt about Pillai’s capabilities. He is a very competent official. So in the NDA Government he was in-charge of the important North East. When A.K. Antony became the Chief Minister of Kerala, he made Pillai his Chief
Secretary. Thereafter Pillai worked for Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Kamal Nath and made everyone acknowledge his administrative capabilities. So the moot question is that if this meeting on Naxalite issue in Kolkata was so important, then why did the Home Minister not
take his Home Secretary along? Why had he already sent Pillai to the North East? So many such unanswered questions continue to follow PC.

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