Why can Khare do?

January 24 2012

The prime minister’s former Media Advisor Harish Khare basically went because of a lot of opposition from Hindi and regional media. Their constant grouse was that Khare was too English, stubborn and didn’t give too much importance to Hindi and other regional languages. The PM’s impression of Khare had already been spoilt after the 10, Janpath and 7, Race Course stand-off becoming public and the news about the same every other day. So when Khare was asked to report to Pulok Chatterjee, Khare didn’t agree to it. He was bent on being answerable only to the prime minister. At such a time, efforts were made to transfer him elsewhere. Names such as Prannoy Roy, Bharat Bhushan, Alok Mehta and Vinod Sharma did the rounds but all these journalists had one condition – they will not report to Pulok.

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