Sharma ji’s Anand

December 30 2010

The prime minister can’t seem to hide his displeasure of one of the cabinet ministers Anand Sharma. But there is something that doesn’t seem to take the mickey out of Sharma. It is believed that Sharma has become extra special to 10 Janpath. If sources are to be believed, he prepares a weekly report on international matters every week and submits it to the Congress high command. Sonia is so happy with Sharma’s understanding of international matters that she wants he should be brought into foreign affairs ministry. The prime minister, on the other hand, wants Kapil Sibal in the same post. Which means S M Krishna has double trouble. If the prime minister succeeds in getting Sibal to the foreign affairs ministry, Sibal’s present post may be given to Salman Khursheed. He may then look for a face like Antuley for the minority affairs that is occupied by Khursheed. That’s because the image of Khursheed is that of a secular open-minded Muslim, an image that doesn’t go with Congress’ vote-bank politics.

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