What is this ruckus about the Army Chief’s date of birth?

January 11 2012

Army Chief V K Singh’s birth certificate is in the news yet again. When he joined the NDA in 1965, he was younger than the admission criteria according to his 1951 birthdate, because of which his father probably got it changed to 1950 on paper. He raised the question of his age himself. Singh was born in the army hospital when his father was in Pune there and the birth certificate is from there. When he raised the question of his birth date, the government agreed that the date would be at 1950 and he too had agreed to it. When he was made the army chief, the government assumed that he would retire on May 31, 2012. Now the problem is that if he retires in 2012, the next army chief would be Bikram Singh, who is a Jat Singh. And if his birth date is taken at 1951, he will retire in 2013, and his post will be taken by Lieutenant General K T Parnaik, Northern Army Commander Maharashtra.

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