Will Nair be fired?

January 17 2011

Since the current CAG Vinod Rai’s body language against the governing party have changed unfavourably, the Congress is wondering who was responsible for his appointment. Nair has been taking a different line of view from the Congress and even pros such as Manish Tiwari and Kapil Sibbal are breaking into a sweat trying to defend the government. Now it is known that the current CAG of the country is the choice of the PM’s chief secretary, Kutty Nair. But why does he like Rai? Reliable sources reveal that Nair openly supports only those who are either Malyalis or from the Kerala or Punjab cadre, since he himself is from the Punjab cadre. The Congress also wonders who Nair and Manmohan Singh get along so well that he has been the PM’s secretary for seven long years. Even Indira Gandhi changed her chief secretaries every five years.

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