Who’s the biggest Khiladi?

January 10 2011

There is a ruckus regarding Quattarochi and Bofors at the Truibunal order, and the party high command is a tad displeased with two of its front men – P Chidambaram and Pranab Mukherji. But 10 Janpath doesn’t know who really is behind the whole thing. And since the matter doesn’t involve the finance ministry, so it is useless to suspect the past or the present finance minister in the matter. The Tribunal actually comes under the law ministry and when the issue was at its peak, only Hansraj Bhardwaj, the then law minister, had an idea about when a closure report of the same will be prepared. Ten Janpath had not been please with him and he had been sent on a political exile by being made the governor of Karnataka. If assured sources are to be believed, the information has been leaked on Bhardwaj’s behest because he was the only one who had an idea about the closure report. But the question is, why would Bhardwaj, who was once considered to be close to the high command, do something like this? What is possible is that since Bhardwaj has an axe to grind with the Central Law Minister Moily and is still eyeing the position, it works in his favour that the information is leaked and Moily will be framed for the same. He might then appear in a favourable light, but the risk here is much more.

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