Black news

June 04 2012

The Congress is getting ready to retaliate on the coal matter, because the prime minister’s so-called honest image has taken a beating on the same. So the Congress’ main agenda is to look for scapegoats, and two names have come forward – T K A Nair and Santosh Bagdodia. Apart from this, the Congress may also prepare a dossier about when privatisation on mining was first started; which means the entire matter may be twisted on its head and may be connected with the NDA rule when Uma Bharti and Shahnawaz Hussain were coal ministers. The Congress managers say that the first coal field was given to a corporate house during the NDA rule. Apart from this, the Congress is also preparing a list of those who stand to gain from the coal scam. Two names have emerged – Jajoria of Monet Ispat and Anil Ambani, who has a concern such as Jharkhand Power Corporation. It is worth remembering that Anil has named all his power production units in such a way that they give an impression of being government companies.

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