Wealth is being plundered at the Commonwealth Games

August 10 2010

“Some people in the town are angry with me for no reason it’s the temperament that doesn’t match with everyone’s.
In this very column two months ago on May 30, an article with the headline “Wealth is being plundered at the Commonwealth Games” appeared and talked about how a few in power were making the Commonwealth Games dance to their tune. And how in the name of renting, so much was happening that in the Congress-led government, even a few BJP leaders are getting to make a neat sum. What are printed has proven to be right. Newspapers and channels are rife with incidents of scandalous tales of corruption. But Mister Kalmadi still maintains that he had appointed T S Darbari as joint director of the Organising Committee only after looking at his credentials. And what is Mr Darbari’s track record? “Whenever you talk about scandals, your name appears on the lips.” Look at any scam, whether it is of the Stock Exchange or Security Scam, you will find his name there. It is worth mentioning here that when Satyaprakash Malviya was the petroleum minister, Mr Darbari was his personal secretary. That is when a security scam has come to light. A graduate from St Stephens College in Delhi, Darbari’s father was an IPS officer and his wife is an IAS officer. Allegedly, his name features on a wanted list by the CBI. Despite all this, how he was chosen to head the Commonwealth Organising Committee can best be told by God or Kalmadi himself.

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