Game of one-upmanship

December 20 2009

In the saffron party that has come out of the darkness of ideological wandering and is eager on repairing its conduct, character and image, the desperation to accept the ground realities can easily be read.After the ongoing session of Parliament, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha L.K. Advani can bid adieu to the post. But while leaving he wants to affix a permanent feature on the future of the party. It is only after clipping some powers from the post of Leader of Opposition will Advani – who would also be battling the pain leaving the post in a party that has reached a state of inertia – move forward. Or Advani has laid out a new game for his new anointment and not in this game of political one-upmanship he would take the post of chairman of the party’s Parliamentary Board. So Advani wants to have a post for a post.

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