Kumar’s gift

May 28 2012

Why is Pranab da’s name not doing the rounds from the Congress side despite all the attempts? The central reason for this is Mamata and the fact that somewhere, 10, Janpath doesn’t entirely trust him. It is believed that when Mamata met Sonia a few days ago, Mamata had dismissed Pranab da’s candidacy in one fell swoop. Mamata thinks that if the President of the country is already a Bengali, there is little chance for her to become the PM. When Sonia tried to ask Mamata about Mamata, Mamata named Meira Kumar. Being a Bihari, even Nitish will not be able to refuse Meira’s name, and Mulayam will also support the dalit card here. Which means Meira may emerge as the main candidate for the President’s post with the support of Mamata, Nitish and Mulayam.

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