What’s Sonia made of?

November 14 2010

“….. The one I saw was probably someone else/ After all, who is it who doesn’t resemble you.” One can’t really believe that this is the same Sonia Gandhi who would not be worried about the SPG security to talk to even the most ordinary Congress workers. But what could be seen a few days ago told a different tale of politics and its baggage. Held in Delhi, a day-long Congress meeting, Congress workers were to have a photo session with Sonia at her residence. No Congress leader couldn’t contain his excitement – recently shaved, all squeaky clean, wearing new clothes, a warm body language, gifts for madam, a shine in their eyes and a smile they couldn’t hide. But the minute the photo session started, their hopes were dashed. Ordinary party workers realized that there was a security cordon between them and Sonia. On one side of the rope was Sonia and on the other it were those who wished to be photographed with her. The only ones allowed to cross the line was state party presidents. “We may be strong, but it doesn’t mean we are not familiar/ After all, for the earth is the sky.”

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