The casting couch of the Congress minister

August 07 2011

The experience was never-wracking for a female journalist of a TV news channel. This most powerful minister from the Manmohan Singh government had given a great interview to a competition channel. So this lady was also under the pressure from her boss to get an interview from the minister. After a week of trying, the minister called the journalist home. A young assistant there led her to the minister’s study. This middle-aged politician instantly commented, “If you were to share a bed with me, then at night I would be grinding my teeth.” The journalist was shocked and ran back and wrote about the entire incident in her blog without naming the minister. What do you call this behaviour from a minister who belongs to a party led by a woman? It is worth mentioning that this wayward minister has earlier too conned several journalists, and sources reveal that he isn’t the only minister in the Cabinet like this and that the casting couch has become prevalent among the politicians. “Shayad tum nahi jantey ki dhakney ki fer mein/ kai kai baar udhadte rahe ho tum/ kai kai baar dikhi hai tumhari maili badbudaar ganji/ jisey jhak jhak saaf kameez se dhaktey firtey ho tum/ gehrati chuppi ke andhere mein sulag rahi hai bheetar jo aakrosh ki aag/ uski roshni mein padh rahi hoon/ Tumhare khilaf akele larne ke khatron ke khel (From a poem by Nirmala Putul).

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