What’s Hegde eyeing?

July 05 2010

Karnataka’s Justice Hegde really has his mind on some other thing and refuses to take his resignation back. Sources say that currently he is looking at political possibilities and is probably preparing himself to enter the upper house, that is, the Rajya Sabha. That means Delhi is not to far from his ambitious plans. And as it is, his schooling and college was done in Delhi and his wife has quite a say in the Delhi circles, what with her Punjabi connection. Justice Hegde was previously Supreme Court’s Additional Solicitor General and later went on to become a judge in the Supreme Court. Justice Hegde’s father K S Hegde has been a member of the Rajya Sabha, went on to become a judge in the Karnataka High Court and then a judge in the Supreme Court. After resigning from his post in 1977, he contested the Lok Sabha elections and become a member of the Parliament and then the Lok Sabha Speaker. All in all, politics and law run in the family.

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