Where have Rs 3 crores gone?

November 21 2009

In the Haryana Assembly elections, not only did BJP’s vote bank vanish, but Rs 3 crores also went missing from the party fund and till now this money has not been traced. Remember some months ago, Rs 2.5 crores had gone missing from the vault at the party’s headquarters. But the party hardly made any effort on its own to recover that money. It also did not bother to get an FIR registered with the police. This time in the Haryana elections about Rs 7 crores were collected in the party fund. People involved in the election work for the saffron party in Haryana insist that of this amount about Rs 4 crores was spent in the elections. It is another matter though that neither did this money reach the party candidates and nor did it show in the hoardings and other propaganda material. The party’s campaign was also quite lacklustre. Even then if one were to acknowledge that Rs 4 crores were spent, then where did the remaining Rs 3 crore go? Did the earth swallow it or the sky? Jaitley insists that he has given this amount to the party president, who in turn is allegedly taking the name of Ram Lal. And Ram Lal is taking the name of Vijay Goel and on being asked Vijay Goel insists that he had paid the amount to the man who was looking after Haryana … apart from these there is someone else who is watching them.

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