Kalraj’s secrets

August 22 2010

The rural face of BJP may be upset about the party’s indifference to it, but Rajnath Singh has kept his commitment to its issues alive. He has also been successful in placing his son Pankaj Singh in the state’s main people’s list. Side by side, Rajnath is stretching his hand out to those who have been against him for along time. Now he wants that party’s leader Kalraj Mishra should be projected as the candidate for the CM’s post. For this, he organized a felicitation ceremony for Mishra in his constituency in Ghaziabad. He sang paeans Mishra and even choked with emotion during the ceremony. He proudly announced, “When I write my autobiography, I will mention Kalraj Mishra the most, and on how he has pushed me forward in politics.” When it was Mishra’s trun to speak, he supported Rajnath’s comments saying, “When he (Rajnath) had lot the elections in Mohta, I went to his residence which seemed to be submerged in sorrow. Then I spoke to Kalyan Singh and advised him to send Rajnath to the Rajya Sabha but Kalyan Singh put his hands up saying he couldn’t send someone who had lost the elections to Rajya Sabha. Then I spoke to Advani ji and told him why it was important to send him to Rajya Sabha. Advaniji agreed and Rajnath got a Rajya Sabha seat for the first time.” You are a better judge whether what Kalnath said showed his pride in his friendship or a spirit of competition.

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