When will the Sangh leaders be arrested?

February 20 2012

The NIA has given an application to the home ministry about arresting some prominent Sangh leaders. Now it is only about a yes from the Congress. The arrest of Kamal Chauhan is also long awaited – he was the main accused in the Samjhauta Express bomb incident. The NIA feels he should have been arrested a long time ago. At the same time, when M K Narayanan was the National Security Advisor, he had collected a lot of evidence against the Sangh leaders. He later met Advani and showed him the documents and Advani could not say anything. Now the Central government is in a fix because a significant election is going on in Uttar Pradesh and if the Sangh leaders are arrested during this time, the saffron party will cash in on the issue under the leadership of Uma Bharti. At the same time, a section of the Congress party feels that no matter what the staunch Hindu votes feel after the arrest, the Congress will gain the attention of Muslim votes. The Congress high command is yet to take a final decision about this.

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