Sense of duty

March 22 2011

Sharing boundaries with Delhi is a state, whose chief minister is extremely fond of an IAS officer, and is also known as the CM’s moneybag. He was involved with a colleague IAS officer’s wife and would meet her often. He would book a room in a plush hotel in the state’s capital under a proxy name and share intimate moments with the officer’s wife. Since the place is small and people know each other, someone informed the officer’s wife about the affair, who landed up in the room and caught her husband red-handed. She called her husband to the lobby and publicly thrashed him with her slipper. Wounded and bloody, the husband went for an important meeting and gave the excuse of an accident for his condition and said he had to come for the meeting since it was an important one. The chief minister couldn’t stop feeling proud of his officer’s sense of duty.

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