Orissa’s new name

August 10 2010

In the past 60 years, little may have changed for the people of Orissa but the top leaders have decided to change the very name of the state. The government is seriously considering this and has come up with a name-change bill, where the “r” in Orissa will be replaced by “d”. Also, the last letters are supposed to be “sha”, which makes it Odisha. Now the ministers in the state are saying that it should be Odissa and not Odisha. Someone quipped that when there was so much difference of opinion, why not ask Patnaik. To this suggestion, Patnaik’s own party minister said that Patnaik may be the chief minister but his knowledge of Oriya was limited. Instead, why don’t they form a committee of knowledgeable people and let them decide the name. We don’t know where the bill will go but the process of forming a committee of intellectuals has started.

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