Rahul ahead of Obama

April 04 2010

Congress prince Rahul Gandhi, who always kept a distance from sycophants and the Congress tradition of sycophancy, finally ended up getting somewhat entangled in the practice of self aggrandizement and self praise, or where was the need for him to give so much importance to thinker, political scientist and risk engineer and the author of “The Black Swan’’ Nasim Nicholas Talib. When Rahul suddenly reached a conclave in New Delhi, then contrary to expectations he sat next to Talib. In between the program, he took Talib along with him to a famous restaurant at the nearby Ambassador Hotel where Talib ate to
his belly’s content while Rahul took a dose of knowledge from this Americal orthodox political scientist. Not only this, after lunch Rahul took Talib back to the conclave and for the next three hours remained fixed to Talib like Fevicol’s strong bond. So what was the
magic that Talib had done? In the same conclave, while speaking Talib had described Rahul as a better leader than Barack Obama. About Rahul, Talib said – `He knows the problems full well and he also knows where their roots lie. Whereas Barack Obama is surrounded by such people who do not know a bit as to where the problems lie.’ If someone says such
a thing, then why would Rahul not slip – the heart is after all a child.

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