The “M” factor

September 25 2012

Mamata’s didigiri may not have managed to uproot the UPA government at the Centre, but she has definitely blown the trumpet of war against it. Thank god two caste-based parties started to compete aggressively to save the government. Both parties are falling over each other to save the government. The reasons are different, though. Mayavati doesn’t want mid-term polls at present. She wants another six months for Akhilesh’s name to become a bad one in the UPA government. On the other hand, Mulayam is working on a three-point agenda here. One, he is eyeing the prime minister’s post and for this he is exploring the formation of the third or fourth front. Also, his short-term goal is to get his family and his name out of the CBI wrangles. He is thus forced to have good relations with the government at the Centre. Apart from this, Mulayam is also hoping for some hefty relief packages from the Centre for his home state Uttar Pradesh.

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