A deal took place to let go of Anderson

June 22 2010

Terrible memories from the Bhopal gas tragedy will always hurt like thorns in the side, however for the national leaders, it is nothing but an ordinary incident. That is why the then Prime Minister (now late) Rajiv Gandhi, on June 11, 1985, worked towards the release of his childhood buddy Aadil Sheheryar as a goodwill gesture. The surprise and shock of it all is that this happened to one who had been convicted in the American court for 35 years, and took place a mere six months and four days after the release of Warren Anderson, who was held responsible for the Bhopal gas tragedy. (Anderson has been released by the Indian government on a bail of mere Rs 25,000). The then ruling American President Ronald Reagan had explained as much to Gandhi through signs and gestures that this is how the game should be played: “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.” Could it be any clearer that Sheheryar had been released in lieu of Anderson? And later Gandhi brought back Sheheryar in a special government aircraft. Sheheryar’s father Mohd Yunus was one of the closest friends of the Nehru-Gandhi clan. Mrs Indira Gandhi had even appointed him as the government roam-around ambassador as well as the chairman of the Trade Authority of India. Yunus’ son Shehryar has tried to swindle funds in a fire insurance case – trying to get compensation without a fire at all. And what about the tragic fire of destruction in Bhopal that wiped out thousands of human beings and what about a compensation for them.

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