Flight blues

November 28 2009

Some days ago a strange mishap happened in the Air India flight to Bhopal. This flight from Srinagar to Bhopal takes off from Delhi around 6-30 p.m. and then goes to Indore from Bhopal and from Indore to Mumbai. A serious patient was to be brought to Delhi from Srinagar on a stretcher. For this the Air India engineers opened six seats of the plane and accommodated the stretcher there. After the aircraft reached Delhi, the able engineers of Air India were able to join back only three of the removed seats while the flight was fully booked for the onward journey. So the Air India ground staff appealed to the passengers that three of them should stay back and that they would be sent by the next day’s flight and Air India would bear the expense of their stay and food in a five star hotel of Delhi. There was a lot of commotion as no passenger was willing to stay back. Since the seats in row 22 had not been reinstalled, so the passengers booked up row 20 were allowed to board the flight. The remaining passengers were held back. In the end, Air India prevailed in making three passengers stay back. They were offered some special packages of the airlines. When the matter was settled the remaining passengers were also put on the flight and when the aircraft was about to take off, Madhya Pradesh Governor Rameshwar Thakur and his wife also boarded it. On seeing the Governor, the passengers on the flight began raising slogans as they felt that their flight had been delayed over two hours because of him. The flight attendants on the aircraft explained to the passengers that the Governor had arrived on time and was waiting in the VIP lounge for the flight to take off. It was at this that the matter was finally settled.

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