The Vice President’s dilemma

October 30 2012

This time on Dusshera, a group of VIPs – seldom seen together – was seen at Subhash Park in New Delhi. The President, Vice President, prime minister and UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi were present at the scene of the victory of good over evil in the form of Ravan Dahan. That the real Ravan is still to be identified is another matter altogether. When the am Lila Committee was setting the programme, sources reveal that the Vice President was requested to do the aarti for Ram and Lakshman and put the tika on the forehead and Harland them. But Hamid Ansari had problems with this. He somewhere inside him knew that the action would have reverberations in his own Muslim community. When the shocked-worried organisers asked him what he will do, Ansari sahib came up with the solution that he will light a lamp on the occasion – may be that will dispel the darkness of thinking .

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