Washed out colours of the Sangh Parivar

July 21 2010

Some time ago when this very column first talked about how a coterie at the Centre was keeping an eye on the Sangh Parivar and was also taping their conversations nineteen to the dozen, some fox in sheep clothing at the centre and sponsored media cried foul till hoarse. But it is time the truth came out. From sources close to the CBI, government agencies are going all out to tighten the noose around the so-called Hindu terrorism. For this purpose, dozens of Sangh Parivar members were spied upon, their phones were tapped, and from the information that was gathered, at least four dozen Hindu leaders were questioned. The CBI had, in fact, taken notice right when these leaders had taken on Islamic terrorism saying, “We will not stay quiet. Every action has a reaction.” Sunil Joshi, who was recently killed, was on the CBI list to watch out and several crucial points were noted down. Only after that did the CBI team contact Indresh Kumar, a prominent leader of the Sangh. Another prominent Sangh leader is on the Sangh’s radar. India’s National Security Advisor is himself keeping a keen watch on the proceedings, which also means that as many as 35-40 Hindu leaders may be arrested in the near future. The CBI plans to register cases against them in difference parts of India so that the voices of dissent do not get a chance to get together.

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