Iran and a surprised India

February 20 2012

The Mossad has prepared a list of eight possible suspects and given it to India. All of them are said to be Iranian residents, and Israel is putting pressure on India to take swift action against them or the suspects will flee India. India is giving a routine answer to Israel about this and saying, “We have our eyes on it.” India is actually unsure about the whole thing – Assembly elections are on in UP, in the fourth phase of elections, a large number of voters will be Muslims and if the Congress-ruled Central government takes action on the list and tracks and catches hold of the Iranians, it may have an adverse effect on the Muslim voters. And this time’s elections are a matter of honour for the Congress prince Rahul Gandhi and so the party does not want to take any more risks. India’s second biggest worry about Iran is the crude oil supply it gets from the country. If India rubs Iran the wrong way and the oil-rich country stops supplying crude to India, it will have to buy the same at a much higher price from the international markets because among the oil-reach countries, Iran is closest to India.

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