Interpol after Modi

October 06 2010

BCCI is all set to file a criminal case against Lalit Modi. During the IPL, Modi had a contract with a watch company to sell its watches, but the company managed to sell only 35 during the entire tournament, out of which 24 are still with Modi. The company hasn’t got any money for the same. According to records, Lalit Modi had a contract of Rs 35 crore with Colors channel, but the channel says Rs 5 crore was orally forgone by Modi. He is also said to be responsible for helping former Vice President Ravikant’s son Rashmikant’s company “Joom” making huge profits. Modi had given Rashmikant’s company Rs 45 crore as advance and promised to pay Rs 35 crore as rentals which was to increase annually. The BCCI has annulled the deal. So now Modi will have to come to India from London for the court hearings, failing which India can asked London to grab Modi under the extradition treaty, for which Interpol’s services will be used. Modi’s days of difficulties are only going to increase.

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