Maneka will speak to AAP

August 31 2013

The BJP is pretty concerned about Arvin Kejriwal and his party’s growing influence, considering the Delhi Assembly elections that are to be held soon. The head of Delhi BJP, Nitin Gadkari, wants some sort of friendly fight or understanding between Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP, but Kejriwal is one of the critics of Gadkari. So after a lot of thinking, Gadkari has asked BJP political leader Maneka Gandhi to speak with Kejriwal. A few days ago, Gadkari spoke to Maneka at his Teen Murti residence and was successful in convincing her that she and only she can speak with Kejriwal. According to Gadkari, he himself has heard the Aam Aadmi Party head speak highly of Maneka Gandhi in at least four speeches. And if there is one politicians who knows how to serve others, it is Maneka Gandhi.

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