A Minister without a House

April 16 2010

Just like that the Rajya Sabha term of Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma came to an end and the Prime Minister sent his file to the Law Minister to tell if he had the right to remain a
Minister without being the member of either House? It is not that Anand Sharma did not try hard to get a Rajya Sabha berth. He went and paid obeisance at the door of 10 Janpath on numerous occasions but neither could be manage anything from Himachal Pradesh nor Haryana. So, in the end, he turned towards Andhra Pradesh but because of his arrogant attitude he could not win any hearts there as well. If Anand Sharma does not remain a Minister in the Centre, then what will he do?
He could perhaps become the Congress president in Himachal Pradesh and then declare himself to be the next chief ministerial candidate. But along with the Prime Minister, the American lobby want him to continue to occupy the post of Minister at the Centre.

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