IB eyes journalists

January 23 2013

The IB is keeping an eye on eight to 10 such journalists with whom the Pakistani embassy is constantly in touch with. Of these, two are women who are working with an English news channel and are known for their aggressive journalism. The IB suspects that these journalists are more interested in showing the Pakistani point of view. So, they try to openly show Pakistan’s point of view through talk shows and news reporting. In the beginning the Pakistani embassy would stay in touch with them over email but when they were monitored, the embassy resorted to use courier companies. As a rule, these journalists get the point of view Pakistan wants. It is possible that in the days to come, some big journalists may trouble brewing for them.

  1. anupam Says:

    pl name them gather the courage in exposing anti india journos 2morow u can also be a victim of such jehadi blasts

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