Congress’ new list

March 15 2011

Non-resident Indians are having a great time in the Congress portico. This time, the entire Congress reshuffle is by Ahmed, which means 80 per cent are from Ahmed Patel’s quota. He had also settled scores with two of his longtime foes Oscar Fernandes and Digvijay Singh. But the cleverest was Janardan Dwivedi, who came into the Ahmed camp at the last moment and so his people were also included in the list. Otherwise who had heard of Madhusudan Mistri before this? He used to be in Shankar Singh Vagehla’s party before this. Patel not only brought him into the CWC, but also had him made the party’s general secretary. But the wipe out of Salman Khurshid, Satyavrat Chaturvedi and Rajiv Shukla was also surprising. Pravenan Rashtrapal is also from the Ahmed quota. Satyavrat was dumped from the camp because Janardan has been included in the same. Apart from him, Mohan Rakesh, Gurchain Singh Charak (from Jammu), Shakeel Ahmed, Jagdish Tytler, Choudhury Virendra Singh, Dhani Ram Shandliya, Anees Ahmed, Mirza Beig, Manish Chakrath, Sagar Raika, Deepak Babriya, Pankaj Sharma, Parvez Hashmi have come through Ahmed Patel. Sanjay Nirupam has been pushed by Janardan Dwivedi. Pankaj Sharma used to be with Janardan Dwivedi, but came into Ahmed camp after being ousted from there. So, all in all, it’s Ahmed all the way

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