Manmohan to repeat his contest from Assam

April 25 2013

Prime Minister’s tenure as a Rajya Sabha member ends this June. What next? To look for an answer to the question when Manmohan went to meet UPA President Sonia Gandhi recently, he humbly told madam that enough was enough and that considering his health, he should be allowed to let go of the post. Trapped in the Coal-gate allegations, in seems that behind the prime minister’s reasons to retire, there is more a political necessity that is at work than a simple wish. But Sonia instantly told him that the country was making a lot of progress under his leadership so he will still have to do his duty. Where his Rajya Sabha seat is concerned, he will be appointed from Assam yet again. So, in a way, the Congress has decided that in the coming general Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the party will launch Manmohan Singh as the prime ministerial candidate yet again. The biggest reason to launch Singh is to stop spending Rahul Gandhi short. The Congress knows that in 2014, the Congress’ path is paved with challenges.

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