Assam: BJP’s Heartbreak Hotel

May 15 2011

As Pakistani Punjabi poet Kavi Ustad Daman puts it, “Lali akhan de eho paI dus di hai/ roye tusi vi ho, roye assi vi haan”. Meaning the red eyes reveal that you have cried and so have I”. The same story was for the BJP and AGP when the election results in Assam were announced. While the AGP got 10 seats, BJP got 5. Where as BJP president was busy announcing that this time, the government will be of a BJP-AGP alliance. Both Prafful Mahant and Chandra Mohan Patowari were so keen on getting the chief minister’s post that more than visiting the electorate, they were making the rounds of the BJPs central leaders and both wanted to be nominated for the CM’s post. One of the BJP central leaders made a strange pact with the AGP and the trump card of a friendly fight was the last straw. Where BJP’s claim was a strong one, the AGP brought in weaker candidates and the BJP did a similar thing. The Congress gained from this.

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