Chidambaram’s illusion will break

February 19 2010

It seems that P. Chidambaram has been unable to read the changing political scenario, or what transpired that 10 Janpath for which he was always the cynosure of the eyes today does not appear equally fond of him. The thought of 10 Janpath abandoning him is constantly
worrying the lungi-wearing man. Recently P.C. went along with his famously notorious son Karthik to Kolkata to attend the wedding of an industrialist friend’s daughter. But officially it was shown that he had gone to Kolkata to attend a meeting called to discuss the problem
of Naxalites. As per reports, P.C. got badly caught attending this wedding. Because the BJP link of industrialist O.P. Goenka’s son Sanjeev Goenka is no longer a secret and it is also known to all that Sanjeev is very close to a number of senior BJP leaders. Vajpayee’s
foster son-in-law Ranjan Bhattacharya is among the closest friends of Sanjeev. Sanjeev had also personally invited Sonia, Prime Minister and Pranab Mukherjee to attend his daughter’s wedding. But the only people who came from the Congress were P.C., Sushil Kumar Shinde, Sriprakash Jaiswal and Wasan. On the other hand Murli Manohar Joshi and Ravishankar Prasad were present from BJP. Despite all the efforts of the Goenka family, neither Manmohan Singh nor Pranab reached Kolkata because they know that the saffron leaning of Goenkas is not liked by Sonia Gandhi. But it seems that P.C. is is a clever political
tactician failed to grasp this matter. Sooner or later, he may have to pay the price for this.

  1. Manish Anand Says:

    Well Said. It is not only P.C. who has ultimately to pay, lot more so called highly educated ministers are there. In a way they are conspiratorially changing the policies and face of INDIA and are in such a hurry to sit in the laps of handfuls of AMERIACAN corporate controlling the world economy, is surprising. These new age learned Politicians Tharoor, Jairam, Sibbal, P.C. and many more so called highly educated with western ethics and sciences are ruining the future of 1000 millions peoples of India. Their self motivated vested interests are very slowly but constantly leading towards economic slavery of US. People can give hundreds of arguments as we are “argumentative Indians” and justify them but the truth is visible on national television itself. How our ministers are indulged in selling and buying IPL teams, how our ministers are stealthily changing the policies, weakening government institutions and selling the education, health etc to private parties. It is not only these politicians but also a large number of NGOs have been working on this for long years with a strong backup of corporate and now with likeminded ministers they are doing all what American corporate wanted to do for a long time. Open your eyes. All these ministers will have to pay…..If we Indians don’t want to pay…..

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