Advani-Gadkari’s different paths

June 18 2012

As the national president of the BJP, Nitin Gadkari didn’t want a lot of issues arising about the Presidential elections, which may give rise to mid-term polls. It is believed that Gadkari also spoke to Narendra Modi about the issue, whose line of thinking was similar – that mid-term polls should not take place before the Assembly elections in Gujarat. On the other hand, the iron man of the BJP Advani and leaders who support him wanted that if mid-term polls were to happen, this was as good a time as ever. This would facilitate another election under the leadership of Advani because until now, Modi has not been projected as the PM candidate until now. And if the elections take place soon, there is no way he will be projected for the top post, which will benefit Advani. But looks like Advani camp’s plans came to naught.

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