Party at Advani’s home

April 17 2011

For a long time, Snagh Parivar has wanted Advani to take over as a mentor of the party and instead for being at the centre of things in the political arena, he should take a backseat and from there, try to drive the party into the country’s mainstream. But the way top officials and journalists came for Advani’s high tea on Ashtami, some people even complained that they weren’t invited. So, another party was organized at his residence on the occasion of Ram Navami, and those who had been left were invited. For the first party, a half-hour movie by Advani’s talented daughter Pratibha Advani was shown, wherein devotional songs and film songs associated with Lord Ram were used as a background and Pratibha played the role of a narrator. A similar movie by Pratibha was shown on Advani’s birthday, which revealed the emotional bond of love between father and daughter.

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