Ambani’s love story

July 05 2010

When Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani were flying in their private Boeing business jet-2, the weather suddenly became rough and the craft started to stumble when stuck in an air pocket. The Ambani couple was having their dinner but the turbulence was so much that Nita’s plate with food fell from her hands and dropped on her expensive clothes. Seeing her expensive clothes and plate in a sorry state, tears welled up in Nita’s eyes. Now how could the world’s fifth richest man watch his wife’s eyes filled with tears for no reason? So first he gave the pilot a piece of his mind and then called up Rosenthal, the international company known for its designer crockery and asked them if they could make crockery that would not overturn no matter how badly they were handled? Currently, the company has dedicated an entire team to making crockery that would not overturn no matter how much they were shaken. Now who would think of upsetting the world’s fifth richest man, especially when the question is about his better half?

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